Wedding Planning 101 – Vendor Selection

Jules Wiegand Wedding Photography-178editedAre you having trouble selecting your vendors?  It can be difficult to decide who will be best suited to meet your needs.  Here are some suggestions to ease the process;

Research the vendor

  1. Word of mouth from a trusted source is hard to beat.
  2. Take time to thoroughly view their website.
  3. Ask about cancellation policies and payment terms.

The process of elimination

  1. Compare the best two or three
  2. Decide what is most important to you by ranking each vendor, for example:

Bride A         Photographer   1) Cost 2) Experience 3) Personality

Planner              1) Experience 2) Personality 3) Cost


Bride B         Photographer    1) Experience 2) Personality 3) Cost

Planner               1) Cost 2) Experience 3) Personality


  1. Choose the vendor that meets your needs.  If flowers are the most important thing to you it might be wise to save money in other areas.

What am I paying for?

  1. Just because everyone always says “You get what you pay for,” doesn’t means its true right?  Unfortunately it is.  The lowest priced option is usually the lowest quality option.
  2. Does option A come with peace of mind but option B does not?
  4. If a vendor wants a higher price, ask them why they are better.

This should be fun, you are planning a wedding not buying a car.  Trust your instincts and look for red flags.  You are a Bride, not an invoice.  Hire the vendor that’s right for you.  Happy planning!!!!


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