Introducing ……… Blooms & Bling

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We have partnered with a very talented lady to offer our brides more services and custom made products!  Karen has over 20 years experience, has flown all over the country,and won various awards for her designs with the most recent being at the 2014 Special Event Conference!  Her unique floral arrangements and wearable art is a perfect addition to Special Events!

6f9535_10428cd3d8c34e818e40d0744df7113e_jpg_srz_320_282_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Karen Korene lends her vivacious flair along with her sweet and sophisticated personality to every floral piece she creates and every event that she designs.  Never settling for ordinary, you can expect to be wowed even by the simplest bouquet designed by Karen. You can rest assured that you’ll be delivered floral creations that have never been seen before.  Karen is at the forefront of the new exciting modern concept – handmade intricate designs interlaced with fresh flowers and foliage.  Each piece is individually designed for her clients and can be worn as an accessory to enhance any outfit.  Karen’s wearable floral art makes a delightful alternative to more conventional designed jewelry.  (borrowed from her website)

More information on our floral packages and how to order your custom jewelry soon to be announced!   Make sure you follow us online on facebook, instagram and twitter for all of our updates!