Tips for Planning your Outdoor Wedding

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For the last 16 years I have been working with brides, grooms and their families all over the state of Kentucky.  I have enjoyed every bit of it!  I do have to admit that I have a favorite.  My favorite wedding is the outdoor, at home or on private property wedding.  I mean the take a completely blank canvas (aka a big piece of land) and turn it into the magical setting for a romantic wedding or a lush, modern area for cocktails or even the down home barn/vintage wedding at home.  I am honored when I meet a family on site and we together create an unbelievable beautiful setting for a wedding.  RIGHT in their own backyard, and as a tip here are some boho wedding dresses inspo perfect for this wedding style.


Here are a few things that will help during the planning and organizing of your outdoor ceremony and reception.

  • Always meet the major vendors needed on site to really get the vision.  I ALWAYS want to meet on site so I can measure for the tent or tents, look at the lay of the land, talk about logistics like parking, staff parking, catering needs, electrically needs, anything above or underground and to see what trucks will be able to get to the location the best.  Major vendors that are a must would be rentals, catering and video/photo.
  • Have pictures of what you want your wedding to look like.  Planners, Designers, Florists, and even the Rental company can help stay within budget yet make your dream wedding unique.
  • Don’t ask for a packages.  Its your wedding.  Make it yours.  Even if I have never done something with draping, lighting, or layout I am totally willing to try something new!
  • Have a plan B.  What happens when your outdoor ceremony is rained out?  Do you have a barn, a church on hold, an extra tent or even just use your reception tent!  Who is going to make that call and make it happen for you?
  • Think about your guests too.  You want them to have fun and remember your day forever.  Experience is just as much a memory as a favor.  If you want an open air reception with just lighting, okay but maybe a smaller tent off to the side to cover a few of the guests would be nice.  Tents offer shade on the hottest days, protection from the rain and even snow sometimes!
  • New Clear Tents.  Oh my they are beautiful I know they are and I get asked about once a week if I have one.  No, but I can get one from a friend.  My decision on why will be a completely different post but for here the answer is simple.  It is a greenhouse and will fry your decor, cake and your guests in certain months.  Yes, it will protect you from rain but man it will be HOT!

Choosing the right vendors is hard when planning your wedding.  No one has ever planned a wedding before so this is a first for most families (unless you work in weddings).  As a past bride said to me, I made her wedding perfect for her not just the same old tent.   We as vendors have to make every wedding unique and perfect for our clients.  Not the same thing every weekend!


Happy Planning!

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