Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 9

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Photo courtesy of UnVeiled wedding studio

Photo courtesy of UnVeiled wedding studio

It’s week 9 of wedding tips and tricks and we are talking about wedding day transportation. This is something that takes a little more time than you would think. Wondering if the whole wedding party should ride to the ceremony together or not, but then also if your reception is in a different place how will you get there? First thing first, think about how the bride and groom will be traveling for the day. Do you really want to be driving yourself around for the day, or would you prefer to be driven around all day and not have to worry about keeping up with keys? How many places will you be going to and how long will you need a car for are a few key questions to think about for the day. Figuring out how long you will need a car will help for cost, do you need it all day long or will you be able to get by getting and paying for a car by the hour. You know how you are getting to the wedding and reception but are you making a grand exit? This can be more fun than a town car, limo or such. If you a near the water you can ride off in a sleek speedboat, or a horse and buggy, or a classic car. Whatever you choose to leave in make sure you have a bug of must haves waiting for you, including snacks and water to help move you into the after party. After figuring out what the bride and groom plans to do providing transportation for your wedding party is a nice gesture that they would appreciate. Getting a limo or a party bus for the wedding party to take them around for the day is a great way to make sure everyone arrives at the same time and is on time.

Making sure everyone is on time will take some planning. Talking with the rental company of the car and making sure you fill out the sheet that requires a pick up time and the names of the riders is a big step. While doing this make sure you take travel time and traffic into consideration and work backwards to figure out the perfect pick up time for your wedding party. Having the party there a few minutes early is better than having the party there late, and having to rush around to make sure the wedding still starts on time. There are different options other than a party bus or limo, you can have a few to a car and have them each be something different like fun sports cars or classic cars that will make an entrance to the party.

Your wedding party is taken care of and now you are wondering if you have to take care of your guest as well? This can go either way; if you know your venue doesn’t have much parking area, having a bus that can transport people from the hotel to the venue could be a great option. If you have a lot of out of town people staying in the hotels having a bus is a great option for these people. Providing an itinerary that tells people when the bus will be leaving for the wedding and the times it will be coming back to the hotel is a great thing to provide. This way guest know they will be able to enjoy drinks at the wedding and not have to worry about getting back safely, and this also gives you some ease knowing you have provided a ride for your guest who have been drinking.

Join us next week as we talk about stationery and last minute things you might not think about until after you need them. If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!