Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 8

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20131228_122237-1Favors and gifts can be a tricky category. How can you possibly pay for a favor for each person at your wedding while staying on budget? You have welcome gifts for out of town guests, wedding party gifts, and wedding favors for everyone invited to the wedding. Good thing is that these gifts don’t have to be big or cost a ton of money, they are just meant to be another way of saying thank you to everyone involved on your day.

Starting with the bridal party gifts, these can include bride and groom gifts, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and anyone else involved with the actual wedding ceremony. Sometimes the bride and groom will exchange gifts during a first look if there is one or before the ceremony. These gifts are up to whatever the couple decides and can be something as big as a canoe or as small as a hand written letter, something meaningful, showing that much more excitement to start their lives off together.

Bridesmaid gifts are just another way for you to say thanks for putting up with me through this process and being here with me. These gifts can be jewelry they can wear with their dresses during the wedding, robes to wear while getting ready, personalized bags, or anything else you think your bridesmaids will enjoy. You know your girls the best and can get them all the same gift or personalize it more to their own styles and what they would enjoy the most.

Like always guys are harder to shop for, getting your groom to pick out a gift for his groomsmen will be the best option. Just like you know your girls he knows his guys. Personalizing something for the guys, like getting them each their own bottle of their favorite drink, or a flask are fun ideas. Or something nicer that they could keep as a keepsake would be cuff links to wear on your big day. Taking care of your bridal party allows them to feel special, just like welcoming bags for your out of town guest can make them feel special and right at home.

Welcome bags for you’re out of town guest can be fun favors to make that don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Before you make them figure out how your guest will receive them. Will they be waiting at the hotel for your guest when they check in, or will you have the hotel place them in their bedrooms? Figuring this out will save you time and stress, but be careful some hotels will charge up to $10 per bag for putting them in the guest rooms. Things you can add to this welcome bag are things to do around the town, if you need a few things to do around Lexington check this list out: Adding a map of where the ceremony and reception will be and directions from the hotel to both places is always helpful. Filling them up with tasty treats from the area is comforting and provides a snack during the night or before dinner. If your guest will have to find food on their own throw in some great restaurant recommendations and some of your favorite places to visit like coffee shops and boutiques. If they are visiting the place you and your groom fell in love, provide a scavenger hunt of the places you went on dates to, allowing them to follow your love journey.

Wedding favors can be just as fun to make as the welcome bags. Being creative and having your wedding favors double as decorations during your reception is a great idea. Almost anything can be a wedding favor as long as it is pleasing, portable, and available in multiples. Favors should be symbolic of something done at the wedding or deal with something the couple loves. Having little bottles of the couple drinks is always cute, a bottle of wine, bourbon, or champagne tied with a note of thanks. Or if you have a daisy themed bouquet than daisy seeds in cute packaging and saying would be perfect. Candy, sweets, coffee, and flowers make great wedding favors as well. Having a candy bar and little bags that your guest can put some candy in, is a fun way to say thanks and give your guest a sweet treat for coming. This is an opportunity for the couple to be creative in the way they share thanks to their guest in a more memorable way than greeting each table, and allows them something to take home from the day.

Unique favors, personalized favors, edible favors, candles, bubbles, and bells, there are many different ways to go about having wedding favors that your guest will always remember. Placing them at each persons seat is an extra decoration that surprises your guest once they take their seats, or having an exit table filled with the favors can be added decoration as well, giving them one last thing as the leave for the night.

Having a little something that your guest can take with them when they leave your wedding is greatly appreciated and people love to see the little touches the couples can make on the last way they say thank you for celebrating our big day.

Join us next week as we talk about transportation during the wedding day. If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!