Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 10

IMG_1671It’s been a busy few weeks here at Special Events it’s been great seeing so many happy brides, but we are back to blogging this week! It’s week ten in the series of wedding tips and tricks and we are talking about stationary.

Stationary can include a whole lot of different things from save the dates, invitations, programs, menu cards, seating and place cards.

Sending out save the dates is useful when you have a lot of out of town guest or you are getting married somewhere people wouldn’t expect. It’s nice to give your guest a heads up in advance, letting them prepare for your wedding and making sure they can make your big day. Save the dates can be fun to do if you have great engagement pictures you are dying to show off, here’s your chance, place a few of your favorites on a card and send them out. You don’t have to do just a card, there are different things you can do a postcard style or even magnets.

After sending out your save the dates, invitations will quickly follow. This is a place where you can either blow a budget or cut costs and stick with your budget. You can go to a fancy invitation shop where they sit books in front of you and you go through picking out what you like and want. Or you can go to Michaels and pick up an invitation kit that you can use the templates and print out your own invitations, or you can go online and order invitations that way. Looking around and finding what fits your style and budget the best. But if you do order online invitations make sure you spend a little extra money and get them to send you a copy to make sure you like the look and the wording is correct. If you are having a more traditional wedding you might want to look at going towards the traditional invitations that include the outer envelope and inner envelope, the actual invitation, rsvp card, and extra information cards. The invitations are the first thing your guest will see from you regarding your wedding and can tell what type of wedding you are planning depending on how your invitations look, so the fancier your invitations are the fancier your wedding will be, the more casual the invitations the more casual the wedding. Who would’ve thought invitations could say so much? While doing invitations don’t forget about postage. This can be a cost you can easily forget and don’t forget to add postage on your response cards, that way your guest don’t have to remember a stamp when sending back their rsvp’s. This is if you are having your guest send back rsvp’s, a big trend right now is having guest rsvp through your wedding website, if you have them do this have directions for the older guest who might not be so computer savvy.

Once you figure out invitations programs, seating cards, and menu cards are all the next stationary items to think about. This is of course if you are doing any of these. Programs should be printed out for more formal and traditional weddings. If you are having your ceremony in a church, people will be expecting programs, but if your ceremony is outside or somewhere more modern you can get away with having a sign as your program, standing by the ceremony area. You can have fun and make programs more unique and personal. Stick figure people to be the wedding party with names and how the bride or groom knows the person is cute and unique. Having more information for people to look at while they are waiting for the ceremony to start is a great way to keep your guest entertained. If a person is walking down the aisle they should be mentioned on the program, if they aren’t walking down the aisle you can always give them a shout out on the thank you section of programs. If your reception is in a different place than your ceremony, programs are a great place to put directions to the reception. Seating and place cards are great if you are doing assigned tables and seats make these clear and easy to figure out while people are walking to get to their seats. Menu cards are something to include if you are doing a plated meal, laying these on the table so your guest can see what they will be eating is appreciated. This allows them to know what they are having and let the servers know if they need to make changes because of allergies or dietary needs. If you are having a buffet setting out signs telling people what each thing is, will be helpful for the same reasoning.

Join us next week for last minute details to remember before your big day. If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!