Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 7

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Décor and Accessories

Décor and Accessories

This week we are talking about flowers and decorations Read More below on this article! Flowers can get costly and are something you need to keep your eye on while planning your budget. When first starting out research what type you like lilies, roses, wildflowers, or what? When you are doing your research find out what flowers you like that our in season for your wedding. This matters because of cost, flowers that are in season will be less expensive than those that aren’t in season. Before meeting with a florist think about the shape and color you want. Your florist can help you find flowers that fit your style and budget if she has an example of the look you are going for.

There are so many different aspects of your wedding that may involve flowers. In your ceremony you have the flower girl, ring pillow, brides bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and aisle decorations, those are just for the ceremony! Then you can use flowers for any reception decorations or centerpieces.

The bride’s bouquet should complement the bride’s style rather than the dress, letting the flowers go along with the feel of the wedding and making the dress that much better. Think about what type of shape you want the bouquet to be in more circular or cascading. The bride’s bouquet shouldn’t be overwhelming and too large or full, you don’t want the flowers to steal the show. If you are worried about this happening carrying a single tem or just a few instead of a large bouquet is an option.  Bridesmaid bouquets usually complement the brides bouquet in shape and color but also complementing the color of the bridesmaid dresses. If you are worried about the cost of real flowers for your bridesmaid silks are always a good option and look good, or single stems with a ribbon tied around them adds your colors and is a great look. For your flower girl you can go with a mini bouquet that matches the bridesmaid bouquets, or wear a headpiece made of the same kind of blooms from bride’s bouquet, or a basket of petals. The ring pillow doesn’t have to be decked out in flowers just a simple design is enough for this. Boutonnieres are usually smaller version of flowers used in bouquets. Groomsmen don’t have to wear flowers they can have a colorful pocket square, or something miniature that is unique and special to the couple like musical instruments, flags, or starfish. Corsages can coordinate with the wedding colors but you can personalize them to each persons taste. Allowing people to suggest a type of flower for their corsage can make them feel special and appreciated.

If you aren’t into flowers there are many other alternative options such as bouquets of tissue poms, herbs or vintage jewels for the bride and bridesmaids.

Reception decorations can also take flowers in centerpieces. Thinking if you want to bring in the same type of flower from your wedding here you can always do that or a totally different type of flower. Think about if you want high or low centerpieces that your guests have to look through or around or they can see over it easily while sitting at your tables. You don’t have to use flowers here either you can use candles, potted plants, books, cakes, seashells, ice sculptures, paper flowers, hobbies the couple enjoys, and lanterns are all great alternatives to flowers.

Other decorations you can do at your reception area can include draping as a backdrop for your head table or cake table. Adding lighting over the dance floor or anywhere in the reception area can be a fun way to add a little something. The overall feel that you want your wedding to give off comes from the details of the decorations, allowing your guest to walk away feeling like you’ve always imagined.

Join us next week as we talk about wedding favors and gifts! If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!