Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 6

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View More: week we’re talking about music and entertainment. It’s all about the party! These are the people you want to make sure have a great personality and can keep your party going as long as you want. During your day you have many opportunities to play music and to let the music reflect you and your groom.

The first place you will be able to play music is the ceremony. If your wedding is in a church you may have the option to incorporate different types of music, if your church allows you. You can get instrumentals from your favorite songs and let your bridesmaids walk down the aisle to these songs. Kim once had a bride walking down the aisle to instrumentals of their favorite Journey songs. You can have fun with the ceremony music making it less traditional and reflecting more of your style if you want. Single acoustic guitar, harp, violins, and piano are always the classic choices for ceremony music.

The next place to play some music will be during your cocktail hour. Usually your band or dj will play some soft dinner type of music, allowing your friends and family to mix and mingle during this time. This can be during the time your dj is setting up or your band is setting up. If you want to display some type of special music to your groom or yourself you can have that type of band come play for your cocktail hour. Kim had a bride that scheduled a bluegrass band to come play her cocktail hour and left afterwards. This just provided something different during this time for her guest.

Your party really starts at the reception. Here is where the entertainment and music really come into play. First thing first, band or dj? Djs are usually a little cheaper than bands but some people prefer the atmosphere and live music feel that a band provides. Either way you go make sure you like the personality and feel of the band or dj, because they will be the voice of your party. Making announcements, playing the music, and making sure your guest are having a good time. Both DJs and bands will usually play for around 4 hours. They will start set up about two hours before and have an hour for break down, which will be included in their costs. Make sure to ask about any miscellaneous fees you may have to pay. Both will let you know what they will need to be the best they can be. Bands usually will provide a writer telling you how big of a stage they will need, how many breaks, and if you have to feed them or not. While looking at bands you need to ask a few more questions than a dj, like if they know the song you want to do your first dance to, if they provide music during breaks and for a cocktail hour. Bands don’t usually do any type of wedding games, if you are looking for these than a dj would probably be more of your style. Both bands and dj’s will usually offer lighting options to go along with the music and to set up more of a party atmosphere for you and your guest.

Regardless of dj or band you’ll receive a form that you will have to fill out including your bridal party, songs you want, and other information they will need to know. Make sure you turn this form in when they say to, in case they have to buy rights to music, if they have to learn a song, or get the music you want in time for your wedding day. The forms will be similar to this:DJ Questionnaire

Enjoy the music and entertainment on your day and have a blast at the party!


Join us next week as we talk about flowers and decorations. If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!