Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 5

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This week has us looking at questions to ask your photographer and videographer. You are starting to get a good picture of what your wedding is going to look like. You have your colors picked out, you made the arrangements with party hire Melbourne, dress, and a few decorations in mind for the venue. Now you need to start thinking of someone to capture all of your hard work on this special day.View More: questions you will want to ask your videographer are going to be a lot of the same ones you will want to ask your photographer. Ask people for recommendations on who they like using and will capture this day perfectly for you. Recommendations are worth more than people writing reviews online for photographers and videographers. Something to consider is their personality because these are the people you will be with all day, you want to know you’ll be able to get along with these people and won’t be annoyed by them on your big day. Not only are recommendations important for the photographer and videographer but also getting to see their portfolio of other weddings or events they have done is a must. Getting to see examples of their work is like trying on different wedding dresses. Making sure you like what you are looking at and you will be able to look at these pictures the rest of your life.

Looking at their portfolio and making sure you’ll be able to get along with them is just the beginning of finding your photographer. Some more things to consider when looking for your photographer and videographer are: finding out what you will be paying for, how many hours do you get them for, 8 hours or 10 hours? Ask them how long they will spend on your images, if they do a lot of editing or not? This question depends on you and if you want them to do a lot of editing or not. How many weddings do they do in a year, a month, and a weekend? You want to ask this question to understand how long it will take to get your pictures back. If they do a wedding every weekend it may take you awhile to get your pictures back, longer than you are willing to wait. Don’t forget to ask about extra prints and albums, any extra fees that may be included in the price, and anything else they may need. Make sure you give the photographers a document of all the pictures you want, these are your must haves to capture your day the way you want.

Some photographers will offer a second shooter to be at your wedding. This second shooter would be in charger of capturing the small details of your wedding while the main photographer is with the bridal party. This second shooter depends on the size of your wedding, budget, and the number in your bridal party. Having a second shooter helps know that if something comes up with your main photographer, you will still have someone there capturing your moments.

_DSC7448Something to keep in mind when you are making your budget and trying to choice your photographer is that the cheapest isn’t always the best. When finding a photographer you will get what you pay for, paying a higher price may mean getting a better quality picture and something you will love looking at for the rest of your life.

So remember to ask the right questions, find a photographer that matches your personality and doesn’t clash with it, and stick to your guns about what you want to do for your wedding. After all you are the bride and will be looking at the pictures for years to come and the photographers wont, get what you want.

Next week we will be talking about music and entertainment! If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!