Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks: Week 4

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This week we will be going over wedding attire. Getting your dress and picking out your bridal parties look.

The dress is the key to everything! This was true for me. I recently got engaged and had no clue on what I wanted my guest to feel while at my wedding, where I wanted it to be, what I wanted the decorations to be like or anything. The only thing I knew before I got my dress was that I was getting married and it was going to be a winter wedding. Of course I had a Pinterest board but that only makes things a little harder seeing all my options of everything I could do. So I scheduled an appointment to look at dresses. Thinking I’ll get an idea of the style that I like and this might help me get an idea. I never knew I would find the perfect dress the first place I tried on and it would only take an hour to find it. Now that I have my dress I have realized the type of atmosphere I’m hoping to create. This is just my experience but most brides feel that getting the dress helps determine other decorations.

Not only are you picking out your dress but also you have everyone else in your bridal party to figure out. Keep in mind the season and weather for your bridesmaid dresses. If you are planning an outdoor wedding something short and light would be nice.  A wedge or flat is a nice shoe for an out door wedding, because of uneven ground or grass. This way your bridesmaid heels won’t be getting stuck in the ground. For a winter wedding a heavier fabric or adding a shawl is a nice way to keep your bridal party warm during the colder months. For indoor weddings shoes aren’t such a hassle, picking something that all your bridesmaids can easily walk in and feel comfortable in would be a great start. For the groom and groomsmen finding the color you want them to wear and picking tie, bowtie, or nothing is a great place to start. Finding the brides dress is the biggest part of wedding attire, everything ties in with the dress.

Next week we will be talking about photography and videography! If you have any questions don’t forget to ask them and we’ll get you the answer!