Wedding Tips and Tricks: Week 11

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Photo courtesy of UnVeiled wedding studio

Photo courtesy of UnVeiled wedding studio

It’s week 11 of wedding tips and tricks! This week we will be wrapping it up talking about last minute things you will be needing to think about before your big day such as standing order, who’s walking who, and remembering your wedding license.

Figuring out your ceremony can be super simple or more complex depending on how much time you want to spend on it. Sometime before your rehearsal, think about the standing order of your bridesmaids and his groomsmen. Do you have a special order you want them to stand in, or by height, or alphabetical if it doesn’t matter to you. There are many ways you can line people up by the time you met them to family than friends, it really is all up to you as the bride. They will stand in whatever order you tell them to, don’t over think this. The walking order for the ceremony is usually the standing order in reverse, so deciding on the standing order you have also decided on the walking order for the most part. What’s left to decide on the walking order is if your groomsmen are walking your bridesmaids out as well or not and who’s walking moms, grandmas, and anyone else getting seated at the beginning of the ceremony.

If you are walking people, who will be walking them, ushers, groomsmen, close family friends? If you have ushers they can walk the grandparents and possibly the moms. Or you can have the groom walk his own mother, and a brother, cousin, or close friend walk your own mother down to her seat. After they are done walking the mothers they can go back and join the other groomsmen or go and take their place, where they are sitting or standing, depending on who is walking them. Thinking through standing order and walking order takes care of some small details of the ceremony that people tend not to think about during the day. Planning the rest of your ceremony will take some time but should be fun. Thinking if you want more of a traditional ceremony or a more modern ceremony. Asking people to sing or do any readings are other details that you can work out throughout the planning process.

Something else to remember on the day of your rehearsal is your wedding license! Bringing it early and getting it into the hands of either your planner or your officiant is a great idea. This way you know where it is the day of your wedding and you’ll be able to sign it either before or after your ceremony, whenever the best timing is. Having your marriage license signed for your honeymoon could bring you luck and possibly get you a few upgrades, letting people know it’s your honeymoon and having proof that it really is. Who doesn’t love free upgrades? Another detail to work out before your big day knows a little more about your officiant. So you won’t experience any surprises the day of your wedding, because your officiant found out something and is now refusing to marry you. Knowing your officiant and what they believe will remove any of these surprises that could come up on the day of the rehearsal or the wedding day.

Remembering small details can always be hard, take a lot at our bridal emergency kit. It will have everything you might need on the big day that you wouldn’t think about needing until in the moment. Bridal Emergency Kit

This day is about you and your groom! When it finally arrives take it all in and be in the moment not worrying about a thing, trusting the people around you to take care of anything that may come up. All that really matters is at the end of the day you are married. If you missed any of the weeks tips and tricks go back and take a look, you might pick something up that you never thought of! Happy planning!