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Planning a wedding or event during the fall and winter months does not have to be difficult.  There are many things that will make your big day special and beautiful!

Tents with WALLS!



We have 3 types of walls that can be used, all will keep the weather out and the heat and fun in!  Solid, Window and Clear!

century5clear sidewalls  DSC03835


Tents with HEAT!

When walls have been added to the tent we have the best tent heaters in town!  They run with propane and electric and will heat up your event quick!

tent heater

Tents with LIGHTING!

The sun sets early during the fall and winter months.  Take advantage of this and decorate with our beautiful lighting options!  Twinkles, Crystal Chandeliers, Lantern Lighting, Globe, Halogen, the possibilities are endless!

Kim and Jimmy (213 of 322)   20141003_191740

20140821_140801  20140606_184206


With many years of tent experience we are able to determine the best fit for you!  Lighting, Heating, Layout, Planning and more.

Make your wedding or event memorable with Special Events!