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One of the most important things for us is to make sure that all of our rental items are clean and in the best condition they can be.  We take the winter months and work on painting chairs, washing tents and chairs, building new dance floor and creating custom items like our pallet bar and barn tables.

These two machines, our CleanTent Tent Washer and CleanChair Chair Washer are AMAZING!  Our crew and my family have been lucky with some amazing weather in the last month and we have taken total advantage of it!

20150416_135732 20160220_153332

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With all of this amazing washing we had to reconfigure our warehouse a bit to accommodate drying……New pulleys and wenches have been installed to help with air drying!

20150316_133537              20160218_124908


Now on the cold, rainy and snow days……well we paint chairs, organize straps and frame parts, repair items.  Everyone helps out too!

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Heres to a great 2016!!!!