Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks: Week 2

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It’s week two of the series and we’re talking about the differences between a wedding consultant and a wedding coordinator.

Are you recently engaged and not sure where to start planning your wedding? Have you considered getting a wedding planner? Doing a wedding on your own can save money. But having that someone to turn to in times of panic and knowing they will take care of everything, helps the day run smooth and stress free for you. A wedding consultant is there with the Bride and Groom every step of the way, this is the person you think of when you think wedding planner. They are helping with vendors, wedding etiquette questions, and moral support when the families all have opinions for the wedding.

A wedding coordinator will step in at the end to implement and make sure all of your hard work is done how you want it. A wedding coordinator can suggest vendors and give you ideas just like the consultant, but they won’t go along to the meetings or set them up like the consultant will.

Whether you want a full service consultant or just a day of coordinator figuring out what you want can be a start to your planning!

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Join us next week for ceremony and reception venues and what to look for while picking the perfect place. If you have any questions about picking out your venue feel free to ask and we can answer them next week!