During a meeting with an event consultant from Special Events, we can create a personalized, custom layout to give you a design of your event before we put up your tent!

This will help with creating seating charts, buffet line and catering layouts, finding places for doors needed, and room for dance floors. Each layout is tailored to fit your events requirements and is a great tool to visualize what your event will look like. Decorators can see how many side or center poles there are and can decorate accordingly, caterers can plan buffet and drink stations, and other layout mishaps may also be found with the exact location of the tent and can be resolved easily before we even set up your tent.



These are a few sample layouts you can use to help you picture your wedding and the way you can fit all of your guest under one tent.


Sample 40x80


sample 60x100Here are some more layouts depending on your guest count.

100 Guests

130-160 Guests 40×80 sample 2015(1)

250-300 Guests Sample 60×100

At Special Events we understand each wedding is different. That is why we are more than happy to come and walk you through your own custom layout. Depending on the spot of your tent, band or dj, buffet or stations, a big dancing crowd or not, it’s all about you and what is best for you big day.



Sample Fundraising Event 60×130 Sample Fundraising Event 60x130Sample groundbreaking 40×60 sample groundbreaking 40x60Call and set up your free site visit to get your custom layout for your event!