Kentucky Tent Regulations

The state of Kentucky has been working for over a year on new requirements for all tents that are erected in the state.  Here are a few tips to consider and think of when planning your event.

All tents that are set in the state much be approved by the state.  For example, all of my tents are made by Anchor Industries, Inc.  They have submitted all of the proper documentation and paid the fees required by the state in order for me and other companies to set them up.  For you, just make sure you are renting a tent from a company that has made sure their tents have been approved, has insurance and sets it up for you.  That is the only way to make sure that the tent has been installed correctly and will withstand the wind speeds that it has been manufactured to withstand.

Second is your event public or private?  A private event would cover weddings, company picnics, graduation parties, basically anything that is under 1,000 people, no admission is charged, and under 15,000 square feet of tenting, total.

A public event would be a carnival, fair, or any private event that is over 1,000 people, admission charged for entry, or over 15,000 square feet of tenting.  Permits from the local building authority (or state if your county does not have one) will be required.  There are many things to do in order to gain approval and receive your permit.  Drawings will be required for exit strategies for emergency evacuation, layouts of the tent are needed and will be submitted for approval.  Once approved a permit will be issued (for a fee) the tent and event will go on as scheduled.

My advice……be honest with your rental company and ask questions.  They will tell you what you need to do next.  If you are unsure or want to know for sure.  Contact the Kentucky Housing, Buildings, and Construction Department for more information.

Don’t let your event get shut down!  Ask questions!  It may take a couple of extra steps but it will be worth it in the end to create a safe and secure environment for your guests!