Guest Post – Hilary Fiskeaux, Future Director & Free Car Driver with Mary Kay

Get to know my friend Hilary and what Mary Kay has to offer!  Perfect for Bridesmaid Luncheons!


I love helping women fix what bugs them about their skin and makeup. Customizing skin care & perfect foundation shade matching are two of my specialties! Want to learn how to get the maximum impact with minimum effort in your makeup routine? You are entitled to a complimentary pampering session & makeover lesson! If you don’t already have a beauty consultant giving you personal service, I’d be happy to adopt you from anywhere in the U.S.! There’s never an obligation to make a purchase when you’re with me, but if you do fall in love with something, you’re welcome to go shopping — I have it all in stock for you to take home immediately.

My loyal clients are the reason I get to stay home & homeschool my boys, so my family appreciates every new person I meet. This month, every face I “borrow” for a makeover gets a free gift, so contact me today to reserve an appointment slot!

~ Hilary Fiskeaux Future Director & Free Car Driver with Mary Kay

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