Our high peak tents are all made with 16oz block out fabric.  This means you can not see the structure of the tent in the ceiling.  No light can get through.  It creates a beautiful back drop to project your images, monogram or use lighting to get the ambiance you want.

Frame vs. High Peak or Pole

Frame tents do not have center poles.  They are best for over patios, next to buildings or for ceremonies.  They are also able to be weighted if staking is not an option.  (Additional fee)


High Peak vs. Pole

The high peak Century tents and the pole tents have center poles but that is where the similarities end.  High peak tents have the taller center poles, the tensioned fabric and the thicker fabric to give you a grand feel for your wedding or event.  Pole tents are the older style of tent with a flat roof and some structure of the tent can be seen, most people think festival tent.


Staking requirements

All tents must be staked or secured according to the manufacturers recommendations and the state of Kentucky.  New tent regulations have to be followed and all tents must be approved by the State of Kentucky in order to be set up.  All of our tents have been approved by the state and proper documentation can be provided as needed.

Always call 811 “call before you dig” to make sure all lines are marked before set up.  It’s the law!


Questions to ask about your tent before you book.

Is it a high peak or a flat roof tent?

Can you create a custom layout just for me?

How many weddings do you do in one week?  Other events?

When will the tent be set up and ready for me?  Are there extra charges for extra days?

Can I come and see one up?

Where are the poles? Can I decorate however I want?

Can you provide references?

Check out our FAQ‘s for more information.